Dra. Elizabeth Villanueva

Dra. Elizabeth Villanueva

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What is the basic thing in our life? Certainly it is our health. Physicians in Dra. Elizabeth Villanueva understand how our physical condition impacts the merit of life. In this place you may:

  • undergo a basic checkup of your physical condition
  • get recommendations on how to strengthen health
Phisicians try to prevent the appearance and evolution of chronic sicknesses. At the initial meeting, the doctor may collect needful data about your physical state and then suggest a basic treatment scheme.

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To learn more about this organisation, you can check out doctoravillanueva.com.do. To know more information or means of making an appointment with a professional you can use the phone number (809) 792—1147 or just drop in on the company in Dominican Republic, República Dominicana, Santo Domingo 10205, Av. Independencia 451, Consultorio 23, Edificio 2.

Working hours
Mon, wed: 13:30—18:00; tue: 09:00—18:00; thu: 09:00—12:00, 13:30—18:00; fri: 14:00—18:00
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